When Will Sports Betting be Legal in California?

With the 2019 season already underway, many sports fans are already looking ahead to the options for place-to-watch sports. One option that has recently become very popular is fantasy sports. Fantasy sports allows fans to get involved in the action and create their own teams of players. One of the most popular fantasy sports games is Yahoo Sports Fantasy. While it is great to be able to choose your own lineup for your fantasy team, the real fun comes once you get to choose your opponents. This is where things can get tricky, because not all fantasy teams are created equal. One of the biggest advantages of playing in a fantasy league is that it is usually considered “gambling” by the gaming commission, and therefore legal. That means that in most states, including California, you would not need to get a gambling license to create and join a fantasy league. Additionally, many online platforms that host these leagues for fans also boast lucrative odds makers and props that can be used to augment your wagers in real life.

Is Online Gambling Now Legal?

As we’ve established, playing in a fantasy sports league is usually considered gambling by the gaming commission. However, online gambling is now legal in most states and does not require a land-based casino to operate. This could mean that if you are looking to place wagers in the NBA or other professional sports leagues, you have plenty of legal options. While it is always beneficial to keep abreast of the law should you choose to wager online, it is also wise to remain discreet when doing so. With so many people now able to place bets on their favorite sports teams and events from the convenience of their home, it is critical that gamblers keep their identities secret if they want to enjoy the flexibility and convenience the online world has to offer.