Where is the Money in the NFL Betting?

While there is plenty of money to be made in the world of sports gambling, not all sports are created equal. Some sports, like the NFL, attract a more lucrative audience than others, which means there is more money to be made from betting on their games.

The American football game has always been one of the most popular sports to bet on, and with good reason. Not only do you get to enjoy one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time, but you also get to make a fortune if you know where to place your bets. Here are some of the most profitable spots to bet on NFL games:

The Over/Under

This is one of the most popular bets among NFL bettors, and it makes sense. What is the over/under on the total number of passes or yards in a game? This is a simple bet, but it can be highly profitable if you get both sides of the bet right. For example, if you backed up the over on the total number of passes, but you got the under on the yards, your total profit for the day would be huge!

This is also a popular way for bettors to hedge their bets. If you think that either the under or the over will likely happen, you can put down money on one or the other (but not on both) and take a break on the other(s). This is especially beneficial if one of the teams involved in the bet is relatively weak or struggling, but there is still a chance that they will cover the spread and win the game outright. In this case, you would lose some money on the under (or over), but you would make up for it in the subsequent games!

The Point Spread

It is possible to make lots of money betting on the point spread in the NFL. This is because there is a lot of wagering happening on whether one team will score more points than the other team. The point spread is usually done as a part of a parlay or tequila tournament, or it can simply be laid as a heads-up matchup between two individuals. Either way, the point spread is a popular wager in the world of NFL gambling.

In most cases, when one team is a big favorite to win, there will be lots of action on the point spread. The opposite is usually true when one team is a huge underdog. Since there is so much money to be made betting on the point spread, you should expect to see some shady tactics from professional sports bettors who work the point spreads. Due to their tactics and the high volatility in the resulting games, point spread betting can also be a very risky sport. However, if you are a seasoned professional, you can definitely master the art of placing profitable point spreads and avoid getting burned by betting on these games!

The First Half/Full Price

When a game is evenly matched, the first half usually ends up being more exciting than the second half. This is why fans and bettors alike like to wager on the opening half of an NFL game. It is because there is more action in the first half than in the second half, which makes it more exciting to watch. This is also why many professional gamblers like to focus on the first half of a game when laying odds; there will be lots of action in the first half, and it makes for some exciting betting. The thing to keep in mind when betting on the first half or full price is that if the second half of the game is not close, then you will lose most of your invested money. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to back out of these types of bets if the second half is fairly uneventful. Otherwise, you will likely end up losing a significant amount of money because there was little action in the first half and the spread has already been determined.


Most people who bet on the NFL understand that there is a great deal of parity in the league. However, there are still some teams that are much more dominant than others. Certain teams have such a stranglehold on their division that they can essentially ignore any divisional games they play in (the Patriots are a good example of this).

A prime example of a head-to-head matchup that is worth laying down money on is the Patriots vs. the Steelers. These two teams always have very close matches, and a typical game will see about 80% of the bets go one way. When laying down odds on this game, it is best to go a little higher than evens since there is such an even split of bets between the two teams. This is also a good game to use as a hedge if you are betting on the over/under or the point spread. If one of the teams is dominating, then it will be very hard for the other team to cover the spread, and vice versa. This makes for very exciting baseball even if the game is not on the Patriots’ turf!


Speaking of betting on the Patriots, there is also a very popular wager known as props. Props are similar to head-to-head bets in that they involve two teams that are very evenly matched. The difference is that props are usually wagers on the total number of touchdowns (or interceptions) in a game. For example, if you think that the number of touchdowns will be very close to evens, then you could lay odds on the over/under on touchdowns. The upside is that you make a small guaranteed bet (usually around $2), and the upside is that you can make a small fortune if one of the teams scores a lot of touchdowns! The downside is obvious; if one of the teams scores a lot of touchdowns, then the other team will have to cover the point spread in order to win the bet.

Another way to make money on sports is to study statistical trends. Many individuals who engage in sports wagering do so because it is easy to study trends and discover which games are most likely to end in certain results. For example, if you notice that one of the teams is consistently turning the ball over, then you can start accumulating points with ease because there is always going to be at least a small spread in every game! You can use similar methods to figure out which teams are more dominant than others and which games have the highest probability of producing certain results. It makes sense to bet on the games that you understand well because there is usually no complex formulas involved!


A parlay is a wager that involves laying multiple bets on a sporting event. The most common type of parlay is a tequila tournament where you combine three or more wagers into one. If you place the winning combination of all the wagers, then you win the entire tournament (or pool of money). The upside of a parlay is that it is very easy to place. You can do this at the sportsbook, and odds will be provided for you. Many people have made a living off of parlays because they are so easy to learn and they require very little work to place. Just remember that parlays can be very profitable, but they are also very risky. This is because there is always the chance that you could lose the entire wager if one of the bets in the combination loses.

Tequila Tournament

Tequila tournaments are just what they sound like; they are wagers between multiple individuals where each competitor tries to win by beating the other two competitors. These are usually played under tournament rules which means that the winner is decided by who has the best performance over the course of the entire tournament. The upside of a tequila tournament is that it is easy to understand, and it is fairly simple to place. You can usually find the rules and the structure of the competition right at the sportsbook, and if you follow them carefully, then you should have no trouble winning some money! The downside is that tequila tournaments can be extremely volatile; you never know what could happen in the next game! For example, if one team has a very bad outing and they end up finishing last, then it could be disastrous for their chances of winning!

Season Betting

Most people who bet on the NFL enjoy backing their favorite team during the season (especially when they are popular and have good fortune). During the season, we see lots of one-score games. These are usually low-scoring affairs where the last touchdown wins the game. This means that there is likely to be lots of action on these types of games, and it makes sense why fans like to bet on them. The downside is that most of these games are relatively uninteresting since there is rarely any scoring in the first half! The upside is that you get to use your knowledge of upcoming games to place some profitable bets. It is usually best to avoid betting on the season except in cases where you are specifically following a few games that you know will be close.