Off-Track Betting in Indianapolis, IN – Where?

The 2018 IndyCar season was full of surprise twists and exciting storylines. From the opening race to the final checkered flag, there was always something happening on-track. Off-track betting (OTB) was also a huge part of the season, and many avid bettors made some excellent profits from the unpredictable behavior of the cars and drivers.

With gambling now legal for sporting events taking place in Indiana, it’s only a matter of time before casinos and sportsbooks open up shop in the city. An Indiana Gaming Commission spokesperson recently stated that the state is “one of the most technologically advanced gaming jurisdictions in the country,” which means there’s no reasons why the Indianapolis area can’t have a flourishing betting industry.

With the legalization of gambling in Indiana and the upcoming addition of more than 20 new casinos in the state, it certainly seems like a perfect time to take a hard look at where to place your wagers this upcoming season.

The Broadway Bridge

This year, the Broadway Bridge became the scene of one of the most exciting battles in IndyCar history. After years of speculation, the battle for this year’s Indianapolis 500 throne was finally settled on the first turn of the final lap. In an attempt to gain some ground, Scott Dixon had made a daring move by passing both Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen on the straightaway. The quartet engaged in a fierce battle for the lead, with Alonso and Verstappen trading the position back and forth for the whole final lap. In the end, a valiant effort by the both of them saw Dixon cross the finish line in second place, but just 0.097 seconds behind the win.

The St. John’s Square

This past weekend saw the Indianapolis Motor Speedway become the setting of the annual IndyCar Grand Prix. The race was won by British driver and 2018 series champion Oliver Turvey, who claimed his maiden win in his home country after years of dominating on the other side of the pond. Making it even more special is the fact that Turvey did it in his father’s famous blue and white car, the Spirit of Indianapolis.

Turvey’s father, David, was instrumental in bringing the race to Indianapolis. He was formerly the CEO of the now-defunct Milwaukee Road Company – the same organization that owned the IMS when it was a railroad station – and helped bring the race to the city in the 1960s. His late father’s love for the track is shown through the use of his famous color scheme, which is also the logo of his business, TURvey Enterprises.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The IMS has always been a Mecca for racing fans, and in 2018 it continued that tradition. The year was book-ended by major events, with the INDYCAR Grand Prix taking place in April and the Indianapolis 500 in May. The IMS is also the headquarters of the INDYCAR, which is the premier series for open-wheel racing in North America. The year was capped off with Dario Franchitti becoming the first Scot to win the 500-mile race in 46 years, a comeback that saw him win after starting at the back of the field.

The IMS really did feel like a one-of-a-kind experience this year. The combination of phenomenal racing and an unforgettable entertainment factor made for a truly unforgettable season. As for where to place your wagers for next year, there’s no question: go all the way to the top!

But, before you do that, it’s important to look at the facts. First off, the betting lines are always in favor of the underdog, and that’s generally the case with horse racing and football. Second, the majority of the action takes place at the off-tracks, with the tracks being used more for overtaking and pacing than for betting. Third, while you can find some good results from online bookmakers, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re taking a risk by doing so; e.g., if you’re located in another country you might not be able to take legal action if you lose money.