Where to Go for Sports Betting Tips

There is lots of information out there on the internet about sports betting tips. Some of it is useful, some of it is entertaining, and some of it is just plain wrong. The important thing is to find information that makes sense for your level of understanding.

If you’re looking for smart sports betting tips to help you win big, this article will tell you where to go to find them. We will cover the basics of understanding sports betting and the different types of odds before giving you our top picks for places to go for sports betting.

Types Of Odds

When you’re first learning how to bet on sports, the terms used to describe the odds will most likely confuse you. The most common one is point-spread, which is an abbreviation for point spread versus underdog.

This type of odds represents the amount by which the sportsbook opens the betting line in favor of one team over another. For example, if a sportsbook offers 3.5 points spread between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, the betting line for those two teams would be 3.5 points. The other popular type of odds is moneyline odds, which is the opposite of point-spread odds. They represent the amount of money you would need to wager to win the game. If you wager $100 on the Seattle Seahawks and they win, you would win $300 in total. The Money Line odds are usually shorter than the Point Spread odds, as they give the bettor the advantage of making big-bonus bets on the outcome of some sports events.

Understanding Total Over Under

One of the more confusing aspects of betting on sports is figuring out whether you should bet on the total or on the under. If you’re not familiar, the over and under represent, respectively, the amount by which a team scores (the over) or does not score (the under) in comparison to the amount you’re wagering (the total). For example, in sports betting parlance, a total of 200 points is divided into two parts: an over of 100 points and an under of 100 points. So if you bet $100 on the under, you’re actually betting $50 on each point scored by the opposing team. In many cases, it’s better to bet on the under (as you’re more likely to win), but it depends on the type of game and the amount you’re willing to wager. In Super Bowl LI, for example, the total was 47 points, so if you bet $100 on the over, you’d be wagering $47 on each point scored by the New England Patriots.

Watch Out For Fixed Odds

The opposite of betting on the over is betting on the fixed odds, which means you’re wagering on whether a team will win or lose a specific amount of money. For example, the Las Vegas Golden Knights were supposed to win the 2017–18 Stanley Cup by at least three wins. The fixed odds for that specific game were 2.95 in favor of the Golden Knights. If you had bet $100 on the Golden Knights, you would have won $297.50, as they won by three games.

Reading The Crowd

One of the things that can help you make smarter bets is by studying the betting trends in your area. You can do this by signing up for a free trial at any reputable sportsbook website and looking at the recent betting trends for the games in which you’re interested. Crowd betting is usually a good idea if you’re unsure of the betting odds for an event or game. It can help you make better decisions and ensure that your hard-earned money is actually working for you.

There are many places online where you can get betting trends for the teams and games you’re interested in. You don’t need to sign up for an account to use them, so you can get the information quickly and easily without having to enter any personal information. Some examples of websites that provide smart sports betting information are BestBets365.com and Statsguru.com.

Where To Bet On Sports?

When you’re deciding where to go for sports betting, first consider the types of sporting events that are available where you are. For example, if you’re in Canada, you won’t find a whole lot of pro basketball or football to bet on. You will find soccer and ice hockey games, both of which have huge following in Canada. There are also many casinos in Canada where you can place your bets. Depending on where you are, you will most likely need to consider the types of sports that are available where you are.