Which Betting App Will Give You Free Bet When You Register?

You have an amazing day planned; you are going to meet your friend for lunch, have some drinks, and then head to the casino. You have everything planned, except for one thing: what should you do with your wallet? You will need an app to make betting as easy as possible – here are our top picks!


We love games and especially love multiplayer ones. That is why we love 1+1 so much – it is exactly what we need! You and your friend will each have a mobile device. When you enter the casino, you will use your device to log in and immediately start playing.

While you are playing, your friend will do the same. When the time comes for you to make a move, you will signal your friend with a quick call or text. Then, you will both see the results of your combined luck! It is a fun way to introduce an element of randomness into your social time – just make sure that you practice safe gaming!


If you are looking for a more traditional approach to gambling, Tipster is the app for you. Simply register and then make your picks – the community betting app will then give you free bets when you place sports bets. You can create custom groups of friends and use their combined betting power to take advantage of promos from the bookmakers!

The downside? You will need to have a steady hand to make this app work for you. If you are the type of person that gets excited about sports, you might find that the anticipation of betting on a game is more exciting than the betting itself!


If you want to bet huge amounts of money, then Millions! is the app for you. The best part? Most casinos and betting houses in your area will be available through your mobile device. Simply open the app and enter your credit card information to make an account.

You can then start making deposits and withdrawals with ease – especially useful if you are a high roller. The downside? While the signup process is straightforward, the verification of identity can be more tedious. A lot of credit card companies do not offer international banking options, so you might have to find a way to get your card verified by mail.


Decidedly is a multi-play (i.e. multiple bet) app that will change how you look at betting. Simply enter the name of the game, the score, and whether you want to bet on or against the favorite team. That is it!

The beauty of this app is that you do not need to make any selections – the app will take care of the betting for you! If you are the type of person that enjoys making selections but hates losing money, this is the app for you. You can’t lose – the app will simply withhold bets from your account when the score does not reach the needed level of action. Or, in other words, it will automatically bet on the favorite when the team is a touchdown or more ahead!


Here is another multi-play option that does not get enough credit for how good it is. If you are a fan of the TV show, Then you will love this app. Simply enter the name of the game, score, and amount you want to bet. That is it!

You can then choose to make your picks from numerous options – or leave the choice to the app. While you are making your selections, all relevant information will be displayed on-screen. It is another example of an app that does all the thinking for you! All you have to do is enter the score and amount you want to bet. Easy-peasy!

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of the most popular betting apps out there – with good reason! Simply enter the score of the game and the amount you want to bet. Once you have made the wager, you can continue to enter more scores for more matches. Once you have made your pick for the day, you can continue to make wagers on subsequent matches. It is a simple but extremely effective app for sports betting – and it is free!

The downside? This app is most useful in a country where legal gambling is allowed. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you are physically located in an area where online gambling is permitted. Otherwise, the law might still deem your actions to be illegal. Moreover, Paddy Power is only available for iOS users.


Tropical is a bit like Decidedly in that it is another multi-play app – but with a twist. Simply enter the score of the game, the team you want to bet on, and how much you want to bet. The app will then display all relevant information about the game. It is pretty straightforward – all you have to do is enter the score, choose the amount you want to bet, and click on the Bet button!

The difference with Tropical is that you have to make your selection beforehand. Once you make a bet, you will not be able to change your mind – the software will not allow it. This is one of the downsides to betting through an app; if you are the type of person that enjoys having some wiggle room when betting, Tropical might not be the best app for you. It is, however, a fantastic choice for those that enjoy having everything taken care of for them.


Last but not least, we have 2+2 – the ultimate two-person gaming app. Simply head to the game you want to play, choose your seats, and get ready to roll. Once the game has started, you will use your devices to place your wagers. When the time comes for one of you to make a selection, the other will be able to visually confirm your choice – by checking the results on their device. It is an easy way to play games with your friends, meet new people, and most importantly, have some fun!

The downside? This app will only work if you have two WiFi-connected devices – one to play the game on, and another to act as a controller. Moreover, 2+2 is a bit tricky to set up; you will need to input your credit card details to confirm your identity. Just make sure that you are connected to WiFi when using this app. Otherwise, the verification process could be very frustrating.

Which Betting App Will Give You Free Bet When You Register?

As you can see, there are many different betting apps out there. Some of them are very well-known, while others might still be relatively unknown – despite being around for a while. It is important to do your research before signing up with any app, to ensure that you are aware of the rules and regulations regarding online gambling. Also, make sure that the app is available in your area – if it is not, then it is probably best to avoid it. Finally, try out a few free apps before committing to any of them – see which one you like the most and use that as a reference point for future bets! Good luck out there.