Which States Allow Sports Betting?

As the NBA and NHL seasons are now upon us, many stateside bookmakers are offering fixed odds betting on the games. But just which ones? Let’s take a quick look at the legalities surrounding sports betting in America.

Fixed Odds Vs. Live Odds

When you visit a state-sponsored sportsbook site like oddsmaker.com or bookmaker.com, you will notice several tabs along the top of the page. The differences between these two types of odds have been thoroughly explained to you already. If you’re new to this, let’s quickly review:

  • Fixed odds are predetermined, published odds that will not change during the game
  • Live odds fluctuate with the betting public, and can change at any time during the game
  • The payout for a winning bet at a state-sponsored bookmaker is generally the same regardless of whether you bet on fixed or live odds

Where Can I Gamble?

Gamblers can usually bet legally on almost any sporting event – it’s the how and the where that is mostly restricted. But that is changing gradually. As we have noted above, several states have now made it legal for gamblers to wager on sports, and you will find that this November is poised to become the biggest month for legalized sports gambling in American history.

Final Takeaway

To reiterate a point that was made earlier in the article, the legalization of sports gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, and it’s growing rapidly. This should come as no great surprise. After all, what is more American than putting your money where your mouth is?