Who Are Sharps Betting on CFPUG?

The Clean Fuel Pool Oversight Group, otherwise known as CFPUG, was created in 2010 and is responsible for overseeing the creation of America’s first carbon-free fuel pool. The pool is being constructed in Amarillo, Texas, and is expected to be completed in Spring 2021.

Although environmental benefits are its primary focus, CFPUG also has a very important role to play in the energy transition. The group is tasked with helping Texas become a national leader in the development and use of alternative fuels, and the construction of the carbon-free fuel pool is a big step in the right direction.

However, because the pool is new and cutting edge, there are many questions surrounding it. Will it reduce our dependence on oil? How will it benefit the environment? Who is investing in this huge project?

Here are some answers to those questions.

What Is The Clean Fuel Pool Oversight Group (CFPUG)?

The CFPUG is an independent agency within the Texas government that was created in 2010 to oversee the construction and operation of the state’s first carbon-free fuel pool. The pool was created in order to reduce the state’s dependence on oil and to promote renewable energy. The pool will store carbon-neutral fuels, such as natural gas and synthetic liquid fuels, and distribute them to fuel consumers. It will also provide a sustainable source of energy for the surrounding areas. Most importantly, the pool will help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are currently four facilities across America that store and distribute petroleum-based fuels: refineries, pipelines, tanker trucks, and military bases. The first three of these are under the authority of the Federal Government, while the last is owned and operated by the military. The Clean Fuel Pool Oversight Group intends to change all of this by owning, operating, and funding the construction of the nation’s first carbon-free fuel pool.

Who Are The Primary Investors In The Clean Fuel Pool Project?

The investors that have put their money where their mouth is and are backing this project are primarily Enventure Global, LLC, EGL Management, LLC, and the Texas Department of Agriculture. These businesses and groups of people want to see America switch from oil to clean energy and are helping to fund this transition. Some of the money comes from industrial sources that want to make sure they are playing their part in helping to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. The construction of the pool is also being funded by federal grants, so the involvement of various government agencies is also a factor.

When Will The Clean Fuel Pool Be Operational?

The construction of the pool is currently ahead of schedule and is expected to be completed by Spring 2021. The actual operation of the pool is a little further down the road and is still subject to environmental permits and approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Once these hurdles are cleared, the pool will be up and running.

How Does The Clean Fuel Pool Work?

The pool will be comprised of a cylindrical reservoir that is over 500 feet in diameter and over 150 feet deep. It will be fed by gravity from the surrounding high-grade oil fields and will store enough fuel to power over 450,000 homes for a year. The deep location of the pool will protect it from severe weather conditions and occasional small earthquakes that could cause it to rupture.

When a consumer or business in the surrounding area decides that they need fuel, they will request a delivery from the pool. The operator will then load the vehicle with the appropriate fuel, which will be verified by testing with a gas analyzer. The gas analyzer is an important piece of kit because it allows the operators to monitor the quality of the fuel. However, even when the analyzer detects that the fuel is of a high quality, it does not mean that it is necessarily environmentally friendly. The gas analyzer will not be able to detect certain contaminants, such as mercury or lead. These substances are difficult to monitor and can cause serious health problems if inhaled or ingested. The only surefire way to be sure that the fuel is clean is to have it tested in a lab, which can detect virtually all contaminants.

What Are The Most Serious Environmental Threats To The Clean Fuel Pool?

There are a number of threats to the environmental integrity of the pool, and these are all completely preventable. First off, the area in and around the pool will be affected by dust. The construction crews are drilling and blasting a whole lot, which inevitably leads to dust. This dust is a serious threat to the pool’s environmental safety because it can clog the fuel filters and eventually cause them to malfunction. Additionally, the constant driving of heavy equipment and construction workers in the area will also affect the air quality. Third, there are the unavoidable leaks that are bound to happen during the construction process. These leaks will enter the environment and cannot be prevented because there is no such thing as a totally watertight vessel. However, these leaks will be minimized as much as possible and will not seriously affect the environment.

How Effective Is The Clean Fuel Pool At Reducing Oil Dependence?

The US government is currently spending over $5 billion on the military’s fuel supply, which is used to power our aircraft and ships. If these funds were instead invested in renewable energy, then that money could be invested in more effective and less harmful ways. The oil and gas industry currently gets over 40% of its revenues from the government, which means that billions of government dollars essentially serve as a paycheck to the oil and gas companies. If these revenues were invested in renewable energy instead, then that money would still be available to the oil and gas companies, but it would also provide an opportunity for job creation and more sustainable ways of living.

The oil and gas companies would not see a serious impact from the investment in renewable energy because they can be more than compensated for the lost revenue through the savings that they would see in their energy bills. Furthermore, the construction of the pool itself will create more than 450 jobs during the peak construction phase and will then generate hundreds of additional jobs in the area through the operation of the facility. These are all long-term benefits from an environmental standpoint and serve as powerful arguments in favor of investing in renewable energy.

On the other hand, the oil and gas industry has a vested interest in keeping the current system in place because it provides them with a steady source of funds and allows them to continue profiting from an environmentally harmful source of energy. It is essential that consumers continue buying products from the oil and gas industry because it keeps the profits flowing and the price of oil low, which benefits everyone involved, except, of course, the environment.