Who Are the Gamblers Betting on for the Presidential Election?

It’s been a year since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, and the world of politics is still reeling from what happened. But while the outcome was unprecedented, many of the tactics used by the president-elect during the 2016 campaign might not be as surprising as you think. In fact, the gambling industry saw a lot of potential voters during the election season, which makes sense because politicians and their campaigns are great for getting foot traffic into a casino. And what would a politician miss an opportunity to make some cash from a betting shop if he or she wasn’t already doing it during a campaign? Let’s take a closer look at the potential candidates who have a shot at winning the White House in 2020 and what types of games they might prefer to play during their campaign.

The Frontrunners

To start things off, there are a few clear frontrunners for the 2020 Democratic nomination based on early polling and fundraising. Former Vice President Joe Biden has consistently polled at the top of the pack and has the support of a number of high-profile Democrats, so he’s a safe bet to win the nomination. But while Biden might have the support of the establishment, his campaign has struggled to gain any traction – mainly because he’s the opposite of Trump; he’s cautious and doesn’t inspire a sense of confidence in voters.

Then there’s Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Like Biden, she’s a safe choice for the nomination, and she even has the support of some Republicans. While Trump called her “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” with her bright pink hair and jaunty clothing, voters may see something more serious in her. According to Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump. But only 13% have a favorable view of the president, and 81% feel that way about Warren.

Betting On Biden

While the rest of the Democratic field struggles to define itself, Biden has done exactly that, making it easier for him to raise funds and easy for voters to see him as a safe choice for the presidency.

With all of the controversies that have surrounded Trump, there is also a perception that Biden is the safe choice for 2020. The betting community sees it too, with some Wall Street insiders already lining up to back the former vice president. With a little bit of shoving and maneuvering, the betting world managed to get its man in the Oval Office.

Betting On Sanders

If there’s one thing that unites most of the Democratic candidates it’s their opposition to Trump. And if there’s one person that the Democratic candidates hate more than Trump it’s his pal Bernie Sanders. While Biden and Warren are seen as safe choices by most, Sanders is the opposite of that – he’s seen as a wild card who could pose a challenge to the Democratic establishment.

Sanders has the support of many progressives and digital thinkers who want to see a shift towards a more online and digital world, and his calls for political revolution may resonate with younger voters who feel disconnected from the political process.

Betting On Warren

Warren’s perceived threat to Trump is similar to Biden’s, but instead of competing for the same voters, the two are potentially splitting the anti-Trump vote. Despite their disagreements on a number of issues, Biden and Warren are both seen as safe choices for 2020 and appeal to different groups of voters.

The question is which one will be the preferred choice among Democrats? While Biden might enjoy a steady flow of campaign donations, Warren’s populist message is resonating with many voters, especially younger ones. Even when you compare the two on policy, Biden’s more centrist approach might not sit well with a base that’s increasingly on the left edge. And as much as Democrats want to defeat Trump, the country might just choose a president who they feel more comfortable with.

The Dark Horses

While the big three are leading the charge, there are also a number of candidates who might be able to surprise the world and get some traction in the polls. To start things off, we have Montana Governor Steve Bullock. Bullock is seen as the “unlikely Governor” who became governor of a red state and is now a strong contender for the Democratic nomination. He has the support of many prominent Democrats who see him as the anti-Trump nominee.

Then there’s New Jersey Senator and former Mayor Cory Booker. Booker might not be a household name to everyone, but he’s certainly well-known in Democratic circles. According to reports, he’s planning to enter the fray with a strong campaign based on a message of equality, justice, and freedom. And given the current administration’s record on LGBT issues, that may well play well with young voters in particular. Not to mention that Booker is also a prominent voice in favor of a federal investigation into Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

Betting On Sanders

Sanders brings with him a large base of young voters who feel that the political establishment has failed to hear their cries for change. Although he’s been an outspoken critic of Trump, Sanders has also repeatedly pointed out that he is not the “enemy of the people” as the president has accused him of being. He sees his supporters as a force to be reckoned with and has pledged to bring them into the political process and elect more progressives.

Betting On Harris

Another Democratic contender who might have a surprise is Kamala Harris. Like Booker, Harris is a voice in favor of federal investigations into Trump and his associates. According to rumors, she’s planning to enter the presidential race as well, and her background as a prosecutor could prove to be a strong addition to the Democrats’ legal team. If she enters the fray determined to fight for justice for those who’ve been victims of injustice, she could prove to be another strong contender.

Who Are the Gamblers Betting On For the Presidential Election?

While we can’t know for sure what’ll happen in the future, there are certainly a number of factors that place betting enthusiasts in a better position to predict the next president of the United States. First and foremost, we should point out that there are very few actual requirements to become a president. All that’s required is for the person to be twenty-five years old, a citizen of the U.S., and a resident of the country for at least fourteen years. What that means is that, at least in theory, anyone can run for president. That’s a lot of theoretical possibilities for casino owners to get their hands on some easy money.

In practice, however, there are a number of things that the betting industry looks for in a candidate. For one, they want to see a candidate that’s committed to the legalization of online gambling. Since many of their customers are also likely to be voters, they want to make sure that the next president will be someone who backs online gambling and sports betting. Additionally, many casinos look for a candidate who’s familiar with the industry and has a sense of understanding of how to treat guests fairly and effectively.

At the same time, casino owners have a vested interest in seeing the next president uphold the status quo in terms of gambling policies. The last thing they want is for the government to go back to the days when gambling was illegal and casinos had to operate on a shoestring.

What Does the Future Hold?

While there are a great many things that we don’t know about the future, one thing is clear: there’s no question that betting interests will play a significant role in determining the course of American politics.

For whatever reasons, Bullock, Booker, Harris, and Sanders might be the best bets for the next Democratic presidential nominee, while Biden and Warren might be the best bets for the Republicans in 2020.