Who Are the Sharps Betting in Week 4 of the NFL?

Welcome to Football Fantasies, the place where your favourite American football team is performing this season, and we’re here to give you the best odds to win big! Let’s take a look at this week’s performances and the odds offered by the different bookmakers. All times Eastern.

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons

Match Odds: Falcons -1,400, the over/under is set at 48.5 points, last week the over/under was 48 points. Jets are a decent team, but they’re only 3-2 ATS this season, they’ve won only one game by more than three touchdowns, and they’ve covered the spread just once, against the Titans. This game has the makings of a total blowout, and the Falcons look like a good bet to cover the spread. If you like close games, you might consider taking the under, but otherwise, there’s no reason not to go with the favourites.

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Match Odds: Dolphins -2,000, the over/under is set at 47 points, the last three weeks the over/under was 47.5. The Dolphins are a good team, but they lack the firepower to pull off an upset over the Buccaneers. The game should be pretty close, with the underdogs perhaps sneaking in a win.

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Match Odds: Steelers -200, the under/over is set at 48.5 points. The Browns are still figuring things out, but they look pretty good in the early going, having won two out of their first three, while the Steelers are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Jaguars. Even though there’s a three-game losing streak in the books for the Steelers, this should still be considered a victory against the underdogs. Even if the Steelers win big, it’ll probably be considered a moral victory for the Browns.

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

Match Odds: Cardinals -800, the over/under is 46 points, last week the over/under was 45.5 points. The 49ers are one of the classic case stories in football today. A roster built for the express purpose of defeating the league’s best head-to-head, they’ve gone 1-2 ATS with the picks. They did manage to cover the spread once against the Rams, but that was about it. People are still wondering if Jimmy Garoppolo is going to blossom into a franchise quarterback or if the 49ers are just a one-and-done-type of team. This game is fairly close, but the Cardinals have too many weapons for the 49ers to keep up, and we like the underdogs in this scenario.

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

Match Odds: Ravens +350, the over/under is 40 points. The Ravens are an exciting team that scored 27 and then 21 unanswered points against the Texans, in a game that the Texans lost. The Chiefs have a great deal of talent on their roster, but they also have a lot of injuries, which is going to stifle their offense significantly. The Ravens have the weapons to put up plenty of points, but they’ll have to do it without their starting quarterback and with some key injuries along the offensive line. This will be a low-scoring affair, with the over/under likely getting settled around 37 points.


As you can see above, there are plenty of options for this week’s Football Fantasies game. New York Jets are a very decent team, but they lack the firepower to pull off an upset over the Atlanta Falcons. Even if they win big, it’ll probably be considered a moral victory for the underdogs.

The game pits the defending Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants, against the Philadelphia Eagles. The defending Super Bowl champions will have a lot to prove in this game, as they head into the winter of their dominance. The Giants are 3-0 on the season, with the lone loss coming against the Patriots, a team with which they’ve had previous interactions. The Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand are 1-2, with the lone win coming against the defending champion Patriots. There isn’t a whole lot of respect out there for either team, which makes this match-up especially intriguing.

This is a prime example of why the NFL is often called the toughest sport in the world. You have these two teams, each entering the winter of their dominance, each looking to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke, and we get to watch the best players on the planet collide. What’s not to love?