Who Do Betting Sites Think Will Be Next President?

It’s no secret that the 2020 presidential election will be one of the most prominent elections in history. With less than a year to go before the general election, the candidates have already started jockeying for position, and people are starting to gear up for what is sure to be a competitive race.

There are numerous questions that we, as a society, need to ask ourselves. From the state of the economy to climate change and more, the election is sure to bring about a wide array of changes.

What is more interesting, however, is the influence of betting sites on the 2020 election. These websites, which allow people to bet on the outcomes of various events, have seen a huge uptick in interest as the election draws closer. People are looking for the best odds on a wide range of topics, including who will be the next president of the United States.

Why Do People Bet On The Future Of The Country?

The United States of America is a place where people can truly live their life to the fullest. It offers the opportunity to pursue their dreams and follow their passions. In today’s world, there is no one size fits all approach to living your life. People have different priorities and different dreams.

One of the things that makes the U.S. so unique is the ability to change your living environment to suit your needs. You may want a bigger house to accommodate your growing family, or you may want to live in the city because the vibe is more conducive to your personality. Or perhaps you want to go on a budget and save more money for your favorite hobby (hint: it’s probably not spending money on cigarettes and alcohol).

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to live in the U.S., you can make it happen. It really is that easy. People are attracted to the U.S. because they see it as a land of opportunity where they can achieve whatever they want, with the proper planning and motivation.

What Do The Numbers Say?

In August 2019, BetOnline released a list of the most popular presidential candidates based on average bets per day. Here are the top five:

  • Bernie Sanders (VT)
  • Beto O’Rourke (TX)
  • Amy Klobuchar (MN)
  • Pete Buttigieg (IN)
  • Andrew Yang (NY)

As the name would suggest, Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate among those betting sites. He has also been consistently ranked among the most popular presidential candidates over the past two years. This is likely because he is running on a platform centered on income inequality and the establishment of a federal jobs program. The data also shows that Democratic primary voters are more likely to back Sanders than any other candidate.

What About The Rest Of The Country?

Although the biggest focus of most people is on the election for the presidency, it is important to remember that there are a large number of House and Senate races across the country as well. These races, which will be decided in the next few weeks, will also have a large impact on the future of the country. Here is a list of the top five Senate races ranked by odds as of October 24, 2019:

  • Wisconsin (senate): Even
  • North Dakota (senate): Toss Up
  • Minnesota (senate): Toss Up
  • West Virginia (senate): Toss Up
  • Indiana (senate): Toss Up
  • Missouri (senate): Toss Up

Wisconsin is perhaps the most well-known battleground state due to its crucial role in the presidential race. Wisconsinites will head to the polls in a little under a month, and the state is widely considered to be Bernie Sanders’ to lose. Even the most ardent supporters of Joe Biden believe that the former vice president’s best chance at winning the general election is in Wisconsin. It seems that the only plausible explanation for Biden’s strong performances in other states is that he will outperform expectations in Wisconsin.

Why Do People Think Bernie Sanders Will Win Wisconsin?

The majority of people who are betting on the presidential election have Sanders as their first choice. This is likely because he has gained a reputation for being a fairly honest candidate, and many people genuinely like what he has to say. People are also attracted to Bernie Sanders because of his promises to implement a federal jobs program and provide affordable health care for all.

The biggest question, however, is whether or not Biden can pull off a miracle in Wisconsin. He has been polling well in the state, but Bernie Sanders is still the favorite there. The thing that makes Bernie Sanders such a formidable candidate is that he is not running on a vanity ticket. He is not only promising voters to do something, but he also plans to make good on those promises. Many people believe that this is exactly what Wisconsiners want to hear. They appreciate a candidate who can be trusted. People are also attracted to Bernie Sanders because he seems to genuinely want to improve their quality of life.

The only other candidate who is even close to having the same odds of winning Wisconsin is Pete Buttigieg. This is probably because he too, is running on a platform of promising to do something. His plan is to lower the overall cost of living for citizens by implementing a federal jobs program and increasing the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. While these are all good proposals, they do not necessarily appeal to all voters. And, like Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg is not trying to win over anyone with empty promises.

What Do The Numbers Say About The Senate Races Elsewhere?

The next set of Senate races are in Toss Up/Tilt. These are the states where the numbers are extremely close, and in many cases, the race could go either way. Here are the five best bets to win the Senate races ranked by odds:

Alabama (senate): Even

Kentucky (senate): Toss Up

Massachusetts (senate): Tilt Left

Missouri (senate): Toss Up

New Hampshire (senate): Toss Up

Tennessee (senate): Toss Up

The only sure thing in these Senate races is that they will be closely contested and could go either way. This is because voters in the states where these races are on the ballot have a wide array of options to choose from, and a lot of them are not likely to choose the incumbent Democratic senator. As a result, these races could end up being a bit of a nailbiter.

What Is The Overall Trend?

The 2020 election is on the horizon, and people are increasingly interested in where they should place their bets. It would be a mistake to look at just one state or region of the country. The election is going to be decided by the overall trend, and states which are generally leaning toward one candidate are going to benefit that candidate. Here is a look at the overall trend:

In terms of the popularity of the various candidates, Bernie Sanders is again the runaway leader, followed by Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and then Pete Buttigieg. It seems that, for the foreseeable future, Sanders is going to be the choice of the majority of people who want to bet on the presidential election.

What About The Future Of The Country?

The presidential election is a mere three months away, and with the campaigns already started, things are about to heat up. It will be fascinating to see which campaign strategies work and which ones fail. As a result of the pandemic, the economy is undoubtedly going to be a major topic, and there are numerous questions about what type of recovery we should be expecting.

It is also important to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat. We should all be looking to Vermont to see how a presidential candidate can inspire change, and we should all be watching what happens in Wisconsin with great interest.