Who Makes Sports Betting Odds?

There is a variety of sports betting odds available, from the popular bookmakers to smaller, independent outlets looking to gain popularity. Which ones are worth paying attention to and why? Here are some of the more prominent organizations and individuals who influence the odds in sports betting.


As the name implies, a sportsbook is where you come to place your bets. If you’re looking for an online resource to place your wagers, you’ll likely wind up at one of the largest and most trusted brands in the industry, which happens to be the official odds provider of the NHL, NBA, and MLB. If you’re looking for a land-based sportsbook, you’ll likely be taken to one of the many bookstores across the country where fans of different teams can meet and place their bets together.

The problem with most sportsbooks is that, despite their popularity, they are still rather traditional in their approach to odds making. For example, while they do offer a variety of markets, the majority of their sports would appear to be available at even-money or better. And while they may be good at offering great odds and speedy payouts, they can be rather tricky to wager on because of their heavy reliance on traditional methods of bookmaking – something that has made them rather vulnerable to illegal gambling scams.

Betting Agents

A betting agent, also known as a bookmaker’s agent, is an individual or company that specializes in taking bets for others. Much like a bookmaker, a betting agent offers odds on various sporting events and works with individual sportsbooks to take bets for them. Unlike a bookmaker, however, a betting agent never actually places the bet but instead gets a commission when an outcome they’ve facilitated occurs. In some cases, this can be a rather lucrative commission.

While most books will list several respectable betting agents, it’s important to remember that because they don’t actually place the bets, there is always a chance that they could be taking advantage of you. If you’re looking to make some money from betting but don’t want to expose yourself to scams, it might be best to consider working with a reputable bookmaker instead.


A promoter, as the name implies, is somebody who promotes a particular event or activity. In the case of a sporting event, a promoter will work with the sportsbook to get the game promoted and take bets on the outcome. In exchange for his or her services, the sportsbook will promise to pay out winning bets promptly.

The nice thing about promoters is that they never actually have to win a bet to make money. As long as they can get a team or event they’re promoting to take in enough bets to cover their commission, they can rest assured they’ll make a profit in the long run. This makes them a bit more trustworthy than most other individuals or organizations involved in sports betting.

Lucky Clips

Lucky clips are those pesky little paper bits that various casinos and gaming halls throw away after every winning bet. While some people enjoy the fact that they’re able to pick up winning tickets or slips of paper with some lucky clips, the truth is they’re pretty much just annoying and can clutter up any surface. Even if you do manage to get one of these bits of junk out of the way, it’ll still be there waiting for you when you return from vacation.

What makes lucky clips interesting is the fact that, in some cases, they can get really lucky. If you’re talking about casino or gaming hall scraps, you’re usually referring to losing bets. But, in the case of a sporting event where the team runs a few lucky clips and wins, those extra few scraps of paper can turn into hundreds of pounds!

When it comes to placing bets in sports, if there is one name you should know it’s Mike Tyson. The former professional boxer has accumulated an astounding $20 million in winnings from just 15 bets, mostly on the New York Jets. While most people would consider his luck to be pure, there is also the rumor that he had help from some rather shady characters. Whatever the case may be, it’s pretty clear that Mike Tyson is a lucky man.