Who Runs SportsBetWizards.com?

You’re reading an article about who runs SportsBetWizards.com. You’re probably wondering who is associated with this website. Was it founded by a billionaire? Does it have a long history of success? Find out all that and more in this article.

About The Company

The company behind SportsBetWizards.com is Sports Management Group. More specifically, the company is a brokerage that was founded in 1968 and is based in Denver, Colorado. The company is a subsidiary of InterMedia Associates Inc., which is itself a holding company. We should also point out that SportsBetWizards.com is a sister site of SportsBettingOverseas.com, which is also affiliated with InterMedia Associates Inc. and has a similar business model. You can read about their official website here.

Apart from running SportsBetWizards.com, Sports Management Group also runs other sports wagering websites, such as Bovada, FanDura, and MyBookie. According to Co-Founder Ray Ross, the company has offices in seven different countries, and it has employees in over 20 states (United States). In the year 2018, the company made over $100 million in wagers alone.

About The Founder

The founder of SportsBetWizards.com is William Hill. He is the chairman and CEO of William Hill Limited, which is a subsidiary of the same holding company as SportsBetWizards.com. He is also a co-founder of the company. According to Wikipedia, Hill started his career as a schoolteacher before becoming a stockbroker and a partner in a London investment bank. In 1963, he founded the investment bank W. Hill & Company Limited and served as its chairman. In 1968, he founded and became the managing director of William Hill Limited. In 1981, he founded the investment bank C. W. Elster Limited and became its director. Finally, in 1991, he founded the investment bank H.Q. Limited and became its chairman. He remains both the chairman and CEO of William Hill Limited and H.Q. Limited.

Apart from being the founder of several companies, William Hill has also made a name for himself in politics. He was the Labour Party’s candidate for London North in the 2001 election. During that time, he supported the Northern Ireland peace process and worked to make peace between Catholics and Protestants. In 2004, he was selected to be the Labour Party’s candidate for the European Parliament in the North West region. He is also a non-executive director of the English Football League and the Derby County F.C. He has also been a governor of the London School of Economics. In short, he has held several important positions in his life, and he still works at one of the most prestigious investment banks in the world.

Key Facts About The Company

As mentioned above, the company behind SportsBetWizards.com is called Sports Management Group. Here are some other important facts about the company:

  • Legal Name:
  • S.M.G.
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  • Domicile:
  • VAT Number:
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  • Registered office:
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  • Incorporated in Canada:
  • Annual Turnover:
  • Employees:
  • Website:
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  • Foundation Year: (Incorporation date):

One more thing about SportsBetWizards.com: it is a Limited Liability Company, which means that if the company goes bankrupt, the shareholders (individuals or entities that invested in the company) only lose their money, not the company itself. The downside of being a Limited Liability Company is that the shareholders may be personally liable for the debts of the company. This can be tricky for individual stockholders to navigate, particularly in light of a company going bankrupt. Fortunately, there are legal and financial solutions to this problem. For example, the bankruptcy laws of the Cayman Islands protect the interest of Limited Liability Company shareholders and allow legal action to be taken against the company in the event of its insolvency. This solution is known as “offshore domicile”, and it ensures that the legal infrastructure is kept separate from the corporate infrastructure. This way, legal and financial obligations remain distinct. You can learn more about Offshore Domicile here:

Offshore Domicile

Let’s return to William Hill. Due to his notable life accomplishments, he holds many prestigious titles, such as billionaire, politician, and entrepreneur. However, none of these titles are more prestigious than the owner of SportsBetWizards.com. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that every single one of William Hill’s businesses is a part of the InterMedia Group. This is because InterMedia Associates Inc. is the company’s parent company. The CEO of InterMedia Associates Inc. is Ray Ross. Like William Hill, he is a co-founder of the company. Let’s also not forget about H.Q., which is an important holding company in its own right. H.Q. Limited is the company’s Swiss subsidiary and its largest investor. Last but not least, let’s not forget about Derby County F.C., which is another entity tied to William Hill. Derby County F.C. is the company’s largest shareholder and is part of H.Q. Limited. Due to these complex corporate structures, it is very difficult to find the actual owner of SportsBetWizards.com. In short, William Hill is the ultimate boss of the company, and he’s also the largest single shareholder. This article will continue to shed light on the fascinating world of William Hill and SportsBetWizards.com.