Who Was Vegas Betting on Falcons or Seahawks Game?

The NFL season is upon us, which means that betting fever will be at an all-time high – as it should be! The beauty of sports betting is that it doesn’t matter what game you are interested in; there is always a betting option available! The 2018 season will be no different, with hundreds of betting options meaning you will never be short of a game to place a bet on! There is one caveat, however. Not all sportsbooks are created equal, and sometimes it might be better to look elsewhere for the best NFL betting options.

Which Vegas Sportsbook Do I Trust?

Many bettors will tell you that all you need is a good NFL pick’em to make a living at sports betting. While this may be true, you should still do some research before placing your bet. The main reason being that different sportsbooks have different policies and procedures regarding wagers – so be sure to understand what they are before getting started. Some of the things you might want to research before placing a bet include:

  • Mobile deposit and withdraw options
  • Minimum bet amount
  • Exclusive bonus offers
  • Withdrawal policies
  • Betting limits

The Best Place To Bet The Falcons Or Seahawks Game?

This is a question that gets asked every year around this time, and while there is no real clear-cut answer, it’s still a popular option amongst bettors. The reason being that there is simply so much action available when betting on the Falcons or Seahawks. There are so many different places where you can place your bet and so many different options available – it almost feels like there’s an option for everyone. This makes things a bit more convenient for bettors as well because it means they can place a bet on the game they want and know their money will be accepted. This is in contrast to betting at a few select online sportsbooks, where sometimes you can’t win back your money if you lose – although this does happen less frequently these days.

The Biggest Difference Between Accepted And Unaccepted Bets

If you’re looking to bet on the NFL this season and aren’t sure where to start, this is a good place to help you out. The NFL season is a little over two months away, which means there is still plenty of time to make your 2018 NFL season bet plan. One important fact to note about accepted vs. unaccepted bets is that not all bets are created equal. This is why it is important to do some research into the bookmaker before placing your wager. The key difference between accepted and unaccepted bets is that the first category automatically gets paid out when the bet is settled. Unaccepted bets are generally considered “underdogs” and are essentially a gamble. This means that if you lose, you will not get your money back. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is mainly considered bad practice to bet on an unaccepted game because there is always the chance you could lose. Even if you do win, you will not necessarily get your money back because there are additional fees and charges that come along with placing bets in the unaccepted category. In most cases, this will make your overall payout less than you would have if you had placed the bet in the accepted category. This is why you should try to stay away from these kinds of bets if you want to make the most of your NFL betting experience.

The Most Popular NFL Matchups To Bet On In 2018

It’s always interesting to watch the public’s interest in different NFL matchups in the spring and summer. Typically, the betting public focuses on a handful of popular matchups each season, but once the season starts things change. The key point here is that you shouldn’t get too excited about what everyone else is betting on because this might mean you are getting suckered into a losing streak. The fact is that no matter what game you choose, there will always be someone who is willing to lay money on that game.

Here are the most popular NFL matchups to bet on in the spring and summer (based on average odds from books), so you can decide for yourself if they are worth putting money on:

Falcons Vs. Saints (42.3)

If you’re looking for an NFC South matchup to bet on this year, the Falcons are as good a choice as any. The thing is, they aren’t necessarily the most popular pick to win the South this year. The reason being is that there is a battle for second place going on between the Saints and the Carolina Panthers. The Saints are currently playing a bit of catch-up after suffering a number of injuries last year, which led to them finishing with just 7 wins and 2 losses. This year, they are looking to get back to their winning ways and are 5/2 to finish the season with at least 8 wins. The Falcons are 15/1 to finish the season with at least 8 wins. This is slightly favored toward the Falcons, which makes sense because New Orleans is a very difficult place to play.

Panthers Vs. Broncos (15.0)

When it comes to the AFC, the chatter usually turns to the Kansas City Chiefs. Much like the Saints in the NFC, the Broncos are looking to get back to their winning ways after a rough 2017 campaign where they went 4-12. The Chiefs are the favorites in the AFC at 13/2 and are followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8/1. If you’re looking for a game with a low ROI (return on investment), the Broncos are your perfect choice. However, if you want to play it safe and get a free bet, the Chiefs are your best option. If you want to make money at sports betting, avoid the Broncos.

Buccaneers Vs. Raiders (11.3)

This isn’t necessarily a popular option in the spring or summer, but it’s one you should be aware of. The Buccaneers are coming off a 6-10 season and are looking to rebound. The key is that you shouldn’t necessarily expect them to be as good as they were in 2016. The Raiders are also coming off a 6-10 season and are looking to improve. The key is that you shouldn’t expect them to be as bad as they were in 2017. This game has a lot of action surrounding it because it is essentially a battle for the last playoff spot in the AFC. There aren’t a lot of good options when it comes to betting on the Bucs or the Raiders, so if you’re looking for a safe bet, go with the Chiefs or the 49ers. If you want to make some money, put your money on the Buccaneers.

49ers Vs. Titans (9.7)

The 49ers had one of the more surprising seasons in recent history, going from 2-14 to making the playoffs as a wild card. They surprised a lot of people last year, and with a lot of the core players back this year, they are looking to build on what they did last year. The key here is that they still need to prove that they can play with the big boys, which means they will be a popular choice for those looking to make a play in the NFC West. The Titans are coming off a similar season where they went from being unable to win to making the playoffs. This is a battle of the California teams, with the Raiders in the Bay Area and the Chargers in Los Angeles. The AFC West will be tough this year, so try to avoid this game if you want to place a bet on the NFL.

Seahawks Vs. Cardinals (7.9)

The Seahawks just keep getting better and better, which is both amazing and infuriating at the same time. They started the year 0-3 and have since gone on a 19-game winning streak, which is the 2nd-longest in the NFL. The biggest question is whether or not Vegas knows how good the Seahawks are and whether or not they will keep winning. The Cardinals are coming off a similar 19-game winning streak and are looking to pad their streak by knocking off the defending Super Bowl Champion. The key for the Cardinals is that they need a lot of help from the betting public, and based on odds, it isn’t looking good. The public is currently favoring the Seahawks by 11.5 points.