Who Will Light the Torch for the Super Bowl?

Hosting the Super Bowl is a great honor, and it’s something that only certain cities across the United States of America can boast about. The Atlanta Falcons are one of the fortunate teams who will have the chance to bring the big game to their town. They will have to navigate their way through an incredibly competitive NFC in order to do so, but with the way the current season has gone for them, it might be their last chance to celebrate before the postseason begins.

The 2018 NFL season has been one of the most exciting ever, with new records being set across the board. The Super Bowl has undoubtedly delivered some nail-biting games so far, and there’s still a lot more to come. It’s time to find out who will light the torch for the Super Bowl, and which team will emerge as the king (or queen) of the NFC in the process.

Who Will Light the Torch for the Super Bowl?

The 2018 season isn’t over yet, but we already know who will light the torch for the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles are the clear-cut favorites, having wrapped up the NFC East with a 10–6 record. They’ve got the talent to match their brilliant head coach, Doug Pederson, and it’s clear that he’s got the players’ ears pinned back, as evidenced by their performance in January’s NFL playoffs, when they beat the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship. They’ll be going for their first Super Bowl victory next month, and they’ve got the talent to make it a memorable event.

The Atlanta Falcons are also in the running, having secured a spot in the NFC Championship game while also having one of the most prolific first-year coaches in the history of the NFL. They’ve got an experienced quarterback in Matt Ryan, who last month secured his status as one of the game’s greats with a masterful performance in a 34–28 win against the New Orleans Saints. Ryan led the Falcons on a thrilling 75-yard touchdown drive in the final minute of the fourth quarter, hitting Drew Brees right in the heart. The game was seemingly over at that point, but Brees brought his A-game, marching the Saints down the field for the winning score. The momentum the Falcons gained from that performance will hopefully translate into a trip to the Super Bowl.

The Minnesota Vikings are another team that has secured a spot in the NFC Championship game. They’ve got one of the most dynamic young receivers in the game in Adam Thielen and one of the most dangerous running backs in the league in Dalvin Cook. Their offensive firepower is unmatched, and they’ve got a dangerous, physical style of play that draws comparisons to the New England Patriots. It’ll be fascinating to see if they can carry that momentum into the postseason, where it’ll be tough to beat a team once considered to be among the greatest ever. The Patriots’ record-breaking 72–point explosion against the Los Angeles Rams in the final game of the season will likely be matched or exceeded by the Vikings, who can put up similar numbers.

One Final Note

While we await the outcome of the NFC Championship game, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate what an incredible year it’s been for football. The 2018 NFL season may not be over yet, but so far it’s been an incredible year, with the records broken and the fans thrilled. Despite the competitive nature of the sport, it’s been a pleasure to watch and participate in a game that has been so well-executed. It’ll be exciting to see how this year’s Super Bowl plays out, and who will emerge as the king or queen of the NFC in the process.