Why Are There No Betting Apps on Android?

One of the things I hate about being cooped up in bed is missing out on all the exciting world wide web content you can find on your phone or laptop. One of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is check my email to see what’s new on the web, and one of the first apps I open after logging in is my feed reader to see what blogs and websites have caught my attention over the past day or so. When it comes to following the tennis, golf, and other sports, I really don’t have a choice but to be on my phone since I can’t be on my computer during the day due to work commitments. For those of you who love a good game of poker and would like to play some Texas Hold’em while on the go, you’re out of luck as well since the only apps available are all scratch cards or poker apps that allow you to play against the machine rather than another human being.

This is where sports betting apps come in. Since I can’t physically be at a game, I need something to watch and follow the action as it happens. If you’ve ever been to an NHL, NBA, MLB, or UFC event, you’ll know that there’s always a ton of betting going on around the venue. People will often place bets on who’s going to win the game, what score is going to be given, or whose team is going to score the most points at the end of the game. When I’m away from my phone, I often find myself wishing there were some sort of sports app I could get so I could follow all the scores and wager on the games I care about. This is where betting apps for Android come in.

Why Android?

This question really needs to be asked for every platform for which a betting app is developed. Although iPhones and iPads can access the internet via 3G and WiFi, respectively, these are closed platforms that only allow trusted developers to create apps that can be downloaded from the app store. Before Android, all apps had to be downloaded directly from a server which the user had to trust, as there was no easy way to verify whether or not an app was safe to use without actually trying it out on a device.

With Android, you don’t have to trust anyone because everything is open source and can be reviewed by anyone before being publicly released. This is a huge win for users who want to stay safe online while also having access to a wide range of apps.

What Makes A Good Sports Betting App?

As a user, I look for a few things when deciding which sports apps to try out. The first is a safe and trustworthy environment. Since we’re dealing with money and other sensitive information, I want to make sure I’m downloading an app that is 100% safe to use and won’t expose my personal information or that of others. The second is a wide range of games. If I’m going to be spending my time and money playing poker or other games, I want to make sure there are a variety of options available so I don’t get bored. The last, but not least, is live updating scores. Whether you’re at a bar or restaurant or just sat at home, I like being able to follow the game and have all the scores and updates shown directly on my phone.

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy for developers to create a safe and trustworthy app that complies with Apple’s or Google’s guidelines. Building a range of games is a bit more difficult since it requires programmers with experience in multiple platforms. Live scores and updates are also easily achieved through API’s that provide this functionality directly from the leagues and clubs themselves. With so much at stake, it’s essential that we keep our bets and wagers discreet so as not to put ourselves in compromising situations. This is often why apps are preferred over other online venues since they provide a safe and secure environment. If you’re looking for a place to make sports wagers, you can’t go wrong with the App Store or Play Store.