Why Do Casinos Not Comp Sports Betting?

Sportsbooks are where the real money is. They get all the action, and the house always wins. Well, at least it does in theory. In reality, the house usually wins too, but not always. There are numerous stories of people winning large sums of money at the casinos after placing a successful bet on a sporting event. These stories often make the front pages of the newspapers and can even become something of a national trend. So, while the general consensus is that sports betting at the casinos is a fool’s game, there are still plenty of people who like to take a flier on the daily games. In this article, we’re going to tell you why the casinos don’t offer sports betting, and how you can get around the restrictions to place bets on your favourite teams.

No Need For It

The biggest reason the casinos don’t offer sports betting has to do with the mindset of the general public. As we mentioned before, lots of people have won large sums of money at the casinos after betting on sporting events. However, these cases are pretty rare, and most people who play at the casinos eventually lose money. Why? Many people believe that sports betting adds nothing new to the game. They claim that the only way to win big at the casinos is by cheating, and that’s just not something that most people are willing to do. This view is not altogether inaccurate – while there are many honest and fair ways to win at the casinos, there are also countless examples of people taking advantage of the system to beat the house. But even in those cases, most people eventually become dissatisfied with the results and leave the casino frustrated. In other words, sports betting doesn’t really add anything new to the game, and that’s why the casinos don’t offer it.

Legal Matters

Another reason the casinos don’t offer sports betting has to do with the legalities of doing business in America. More specifically, the legality of sports gambling, which is not explicitly mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but is still not legal in all states. Because of this ambiguity, the legality of sports gambling in each state varies, and only certain states – such as Florida, Nevada and Indiana – have established legal sportsbooks. The other states have opted out of legalizing sports gambling, so the casinos there cannot operate a sportsbook. This is why, when you visit a casino in one of those states, they will not be able to make you a legal bet no matter how much money you want to bet, or how big a fan you are of a particular team. This is also why the majority of the betting takes place online, where it is officially legal, though there are still some locations where you can find legal betting in person. The bottom line is that the legality of sports gambling is something that the government needs to sort out, as it’s not fair to the casinos that some states allow sports gambling and some don’t. It’s a thorn in the side of the industry, and it keeps the betting public away. So, while there might be some legal loopholes that the general public can take advantage of to make sportsbooks pay off, the casinos are better off avoiding it because it ultimately destroys their business.


The cost of doing business in America is also a major factor that the casinos consider when deciding whether or not to offer sports betting. The overhead costs to run a sportsbook can range between 8 and 12% of the total revenue, which is a big chunk of change for a company. Furthermore, the cost of servicing a bet is minimal, usually ranging from 2 to 3%. But the price that the casino charges for each wager is the main factor that determines whether or not they make a profit. The cost of a wager at the casinos is 35 to 45 cents per minute, plus the amount of the wager. Considering all of these factors, it is quite easy to see why the casinos don’t want to offer sports betting. It just doesn’t make economic sense to the industry.

Security Issues

Finally, let’s not forget about the major security issues that the casinos have to deal with. Anyone who frequents a casino has most likely heard of the many attacks that have plagued the industry in recent years. The number of people who lose their hard-earned money through scams and fraudulent activities is staggering. It is a well-known fact that scammers target casino customers, and many people who play at the casinos are victims of scams. The worst part is that many of these scams are legally allowed, and the casinos often can’t do much to stop them. Because of this, the casinos must always be on the lookout for scammers and cheaters, and keep an eye on their customers to make sure that they’re not being tricked or cheated by a fellow player. The amount of money that the casino loses through scams and fraud is huge – between $10,000 and $15,000 per week is not uncommon. So, while there are still people who like to play at the casinos and try their luck at the lottery, the security issues put a major damper on the industry as a whole. People just aren’t willing to risk their money at a casino if they think that there’s a chance that they could be getting cheated or scammed. Therefore, it is no wonder that the casinos don’t want to offer sports betting – it just doesn’t make financial sense to do so if they have to worry about security issues as well.

There are numerous examples of people who have won big at the casinos after betting on sporting events, but the games still remain a mystery to most people. If you’ve ever watched ESPN, you know that there are always examples of people winning big at the casinos after betting on sporting events. However, you don’t see as many cases of people who have actually won big after betting on their favourite teams because most people don’t know how or where to bet. But the good news is that you can find lots of information online and learn all about placing bets on favourite teams – if you’re interested.