Why Dallas’ Westmount Realty is Betting Big on Real Estate

Westmount Realty is proud to announce that it has secured a $25 million dollar construction loan from Wells Fargo, specifically to allow them to build and purchase a custom-built residential property for sale in Dallas.

The company, which recently relocated from San Francisco to Dallas, is excited about the future of their new property, which will be located at the center of it all – the West Loop. The property is being built with cutting edge architecture and modern design language, which will give it a distinctively unique identity.

Furthermore, the acquisition of this property marks a significant moment for Westmount Realty, as it is the first major development project the firm has been a part of. With extensive real estate experience and a proven track record, they are confident that this property will be a great success.

What is the West Loop?

From its inception, Dallas has always been a city that values its status as the ‘Grand Central Station’ of the American South. Today, as in years past, this great city continues to reinvent itself and carve out a new identity for itself in the 21st century. One of the many ways this is being manifested is through the revitalization of the West Loop.

With its history as the center of the American railway network, the area was once considered ‘the Paris of the South’ due to its collection of elegant residential buildings and bustling commercial centers. Today, the term ‘West Loop’ more loosely refers to the area between the western edge of the Dallas Zoo and the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road, which is approximately between the western limits of Downtown and the northern fringe of North Dallas.

The combination of vibrant nightlife, luxury real estate, and premier shopping destinations makes this a destination that everyone wants to be a part of. With its convenient location and great amenities, this is an area that is filled with possibility.

The Most Iconic Buildings

Though there are many exciting residential properties that are being built in the West Loop, none of them can hold a candle to the iconic structures that define the area. These include: