Why I Hate Sports Betting – A Completely Honest Look at Sports Betting

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a fondness for sports. Whether it was baseball or football, I loved going to the ballpark or the stadium and taking in a game. Unfortunately, over the years, my interests in sports have dwindled. Why? Because of all the wrong information and lies that surround sports betting. As much as I’d love to enjoy some NHL puckstops or the opening game of the World Cup, I can’t bring myself to do so because of all the shady practices that are involved with sports betting. So, here are my top reasons why I hate sports betting.

The Lie That They Tell You To Bet On Sports

When you walk into a sports book or a casino and you’re looking to place a bet, the first thing that they’ll tell you is that you can’t necessarily trust the records that are on the board. After all, they might be lies! Yes, I’m serious. They will tell you that the records might be rigged and that you should place your bets on the actual players rather than the stats because they are the ones sitting in front of the TV sets broadcasting the games. This might not be as obvious to experienced sports fans, but it is to people who are new to betting. It’s important that you know the odds of winning may be skewed because of all the manipulation going on behind the scenes. Believe it or not, the whole point of sports betting is to take advantage of people. The bookmakers and the casinos want you to believe that the games are rigged and that their records are fabricated. They want you to keep coming back for more so they can grab your money and continue defrauding you of your hard-earned cash. It’s sad but true.

The Misleading Marketing Mumbo-jumbo

Another big reason why I hate sports betting is the misleading marketing. I’m sure that you’ve seen all the commercials and the billboards and the posters on the walls of the casinos tempting you to place a bet on the next big game. They will often times tell you that you’re guaranteed to win or you’ll lose the same amount as your bet. Now, take that with a grain of salt because when you look closer, you’ll see that the bookies are actually taking advantage of that guarantee and taking all your cash. However, even if that were true, why would you share that information with a complete stranger? Why would you want to give that type of information to someone you’ve never met? That’s just asking for trouble, right? So, for the sake of your own safety, stay away from casinos and especially sports books. You might get lucky and win some money, but you’re much better off staying away. They take advantage of people who aren’t aware of what’s going on and they’ll eat away at your bankroll until you can’t put another penny in.

Winnings And Betting Voluntarily Confounded

Let’s face facts here. If you visit a sports book or a casino, you’re there to gamble. That’s what they do. They take your money and they let you know that they’re going to defraud you so that you keep coming back for more. Now, it’s not like they’re going to rip you off every single time that you go there, but you’re certainly going to lose money in the long run if you keep going. That’s why I hate sports betting. They prey on people’s poor judgment and they create this really bad reputation for legitimate businesses that are just trying to help you have fun. It’s sad to see so many people get ripped off by these guys, but remember that’s what they do and it’s on them, not the businesses that hire them. The sports books and the casinos are the ones living beyond their means and enjoying all the high rollers who keep feeding them cash with no intention of ever winning back that money.

Too Many Bad Experiences

This one might be a bit more obvious. I feel like I’ve had enough bad experiences with sports books and casinos to last a lifetime. The last thing that you need is to go into some shady casino or some fly-by-night sports book that doesn’t care about keeping their reputation clean. You will lose your money, that’s a guarantee, and you’re not going to feel good about it. It’s better to stay away from those places and try to find a bookmaker that’s somewhere between the two. You pay a little less in fees and you won’t have to put up with all the shady practices that the casinos and the sports books do.

The Final Word

I think that it’s important to remind people of all the good that there is in sports. I love going to games and watching my favorite teams play, but I can’t do so because of all the lies that surround sports betting. It’s a shame that the only thing that’s brought me down this far is the desire to watch my teams play and the desire to win some money. If it weren’t for all the lies and manipulation, I would’ve enjoyed my time a whole lot more. I really do love sports, but I can’t do so because of the bad reputation that they’ve given to gambling in general. It’s a double-edged sword and it’s very unfortunate.