Why Is Esports Betting Illegal?

Bets placed on esports are usually fixed matches, with no house edge unless the match is interrupted by a scandal or other incident.

However, there is another form of esports betting which is completely illegal. If you’re wondering why, then continue reading.

Illegal Because It Offers No Protection To The Consumer

First of all, esports betting is completely illegal because it offers no protection to the consumer in terms of gambling law. If you place a bet on a sporting event that you know is going to end in a tie, or if a scandal occurs in the middle of a match, then your bet is going to be considered void because the bookmaker doesn’t offer any protection in these circumstances. In other words, if you place a bet on a game that you know is going to end in a draw, then you’re essentially gambling and are breaking the law. It’s all about having faith in the outcome of a game and being able to back this up with proof, should the event end in a tie or scandal occur. In these cases, it’s best to wait for the results to come in from the betting website or app you’ve used.

No Chance Of Winning Large Potions Of Cash

The other reason why esports betting is illegal is because it provides no means of winning a large pot of cash. Most esports betting websites only offer modest cash prizes, which is why it’s often considered a fun way to spend an evening rather than a serious competition. Even the bigger esports betting websites don’t offer very high odds of winning large sums of cash, unless you’re betting on a very popular event or a match between very popular teams. The bottom line is that most people aren’t going to quit their day jobs to become professional esports betters, so this is another reason why it’s illegal to start a betting business relating to esports.

The Product Is A Scam, And Paysout Is Usually Fraudulent

The last reason why esports betting is illegal is that it’s generally a scam. One of the first things you’ll notice about most esports betting websites is that their payout rates are pretty low, always either 25% or 40%. This means that the payout on your bet is going to be a large amount of money, but in most cases, it’s not actually money that you’re going to see. The reason it’s fraudulent is that when you make a deposit, the betting website will tell you that the amount you deposited was not sufficient to cover your bet. When this happens, you’ll be presented with a number of options, including a refund, a free bet or an alternative payment method (usually bank transfer or credit card, but occasionally Paypal or gift card).

The key takeaway from the last point is that if the betting website says your deposit was insufficient to cover your bet, then it most likely is… you won’t have enough money to cover your bet regardless of what they tell you. In other words, this is a scam aimed at getting you to make an unsecure cash deposit, and then they’ll pretend that your bet is legitimate and request that you make a further deposit to cover it. Many people have fallen for this trap, and many others continue to be fooled by it today. This is why it’s illegal for an esports betting website to request an unsecure cash payment, and why the product is generally considered a scam.

Hopefully, the last point is clear. One more thing before we wrap this up…

It Creates A Bad On-site Experience

If there’s one place we don’t want to be scammed or cheated, it’s at a casino. Unfortunately, too often this happens and the consumer never gets their money back. In most cases, they just get angry and leave. This creates a very bad experience for everyone involved, especially when you consider that casinos are a source of income for many bookmakers and esports betting websites. In other words, they rely on attracting and retaining customers who have a bad experience at a casino and then try to upsell them on other products or services, or simply ask them to come back and play again.

What we’ve covered here is the main reason why esports betting is illegal. There are a few more reasons, but these are some of the most important ones. Hopefully, this info will help you understand why it’s best to stay away from this type of product. Good luck!