Why Is Illegal Sports Betting Bad for Sports Fans?

The National Hockey League (NHL) has had a very difficult 2018-2019 season so far. The league office has dealt with a number of crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, player protests, and injuries. They have also had to deal with the impact that these issues have had on their fan base and corporate sponsorships.

The pandemic began early in the season, and it has certainly not let up since. In fact, with more than 600,000 cases reported worldwide and more than 170,000 reported in Canada as of May 15th, 2020, the pandemic has altered the very fabric of the game we all love. Regular face-to-face contact has been heavily restricted, and fans have had to rely more heavily on watching games and following the news for updates on how the pandemic is affecting the game.

The league has been especially hard hit, with several key players having to sit out the entire season due to various injuries. Even those who have been able to play have had to self-quarantine due to the pandemic. The result of all this is a lack of on-ice action in particular markets across North America. It also means potentially less exposure for the athletes, who are still able to play despite all the odds against them.

As the pandemic has worn on, more and more people have turned to illegal sports betting, also known as ‘sports flipping’, to provide them with some entertainment during these tough times. These markets typically offer a wide range of sports, from American football to basketball, and even hockey. This year, there has been a distinct uptick in interest in these markets, which is probably a good thing, considering the economic impact the pandemic has had on fans, and the potential it has for providing some entertainment during these unprecedented times.

Why Is Illegal Sports Betting Bad for the NFL and the NHL?

One of the primary draws of illegal sports betting is the wide range of sports available for wagering on. The truth is, if you live in a market where traditional sports betting is legal, you already have access to most major sports. For example, you can wager on the Toronto Blue Jays during baseball season, and you can place bets on the Los Angeles Lakers during the NBA season. It’s not like the other sports are somehow ‘unavailable’ to you.

These are the very same franchises that Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls called home before the start of the 21st century. These sports have been around for decades, and they will be around for centuries.

Illegal Sports Betting Is A Fast, Easy Way To Make Money

The other advantage of illegal sports betting is that it is very easy to enter. You don’t have to be a professional sports enthusiast to place bets. In fact, there are literally hundreds of websites that make it very easy for someone who is simply looking to make a few extra bucks to place bets. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything other than register an account to get started. Once that’s done, you can browse the betting markets and place your bets, all from the convenience of your home.

It Provides Some Entertainment

Finally, illegal sports betting provides some entertainment value. People who love sports, and who are looking for something new to do, have found a way to keep their interest level up during these trying times. For instance, Tiger Woods is a well-known sports enthusiast, and he has taken advantage of the pandemic to play some of the best golf in his career. He has also partnered with the Global Organization for Education through Sports (GOES) to help youth engage in sports activities, particularly after school hours, when school is closed.

While Woods enjoys golfing and looks to make leisurely rounds whenever he can, he is missing out on a potentially larger audience. The fact is, much like when the NFL and the NHL were experiencing their biggest seasons in history last year, more and more people are finding entertainment in illegal sports betting, precisely because it is becoming difficult to stay informed about the latest events and scores as they happen.

Whether you are a professional sports enthusiast or an average person who just wants to make a few extra bucks, there are still opportunities to bet on sports legally. However, in these uncertain times, many people are seeking out alternatives, and that includes sports betting. If you happen to love a particular sport, and you want to make sure you’ll never miss a game, then you can find the time to register with a reputable sports betting site. Alternatively, you can register with an online sportsbook that specialises in U.S. college football and basketball, or you can even play at a land-based sportsbook if you’re in the U.S. To ensure you get your money back if things do go wrong, make sure you back your sports picks with a good quality guarantee. In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to protect your money, and you can do this by playing it safe.