Why Is It Called Donk Betting?

‘Donk betting’ is a phrase used when gamblers are discussing the odds of a sporting event, like a football match. The expression is used by British bookmakers when placing a bet on a sporting event in order to attract more recreational and high-stakes gamblers to their sites. Essentially, ‘donk betting’ is used as a short hand way of saying ‘dog sports betting’ in reference to dog racing and other dog-related sports activities.

Why is it called Donk Betting?

Speedy Decision-Making

Deciding on one game over another can be difficult, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of options available. However, when it comes to dog sports betting, the choice is often limited to just a few matches each week. This can lead to a rush to judgment as gamblers try to decide which game to place their bet on before the week is out. For this reason, ‘donk betting’ is often used when people are discussing odds for various dog-related sports events, as the phrase ‘don’t have time to dick around with the odds and statistics’ is often used when placing a bet in relation to sports events involving dogs.

Traditional British Culture

Traditional British culture is closely associated with the game of cricket and the associated terminology. The pastime began gaining popularity in the UK during the early 18th century and was initially sponsored by English aristocrats and businessmen. In addition to this, almost all of the modern-day terminology used in cricket relates to either wickets or runs, with the exception of the ball used to bat with. This is in contrast to baseball, for example, where the ball is referred to as ‘the round piece of leather’ and the strikes as ‘home runs’.

It would therefore seem that betting on cricket is deeply ingrained in the national psyche and that this is likely to continue even after the game itself has been ‘Indianed’ (i.e., renamed ‘Test cricket’).

Fuelling The Frenzy

It is no secret that gambling is a growing problem in the UK, with a national charity, GamCare, stating that the market for online gambling products grew by 73% in 2016 compared to 2015. The charity estimates that there are currently 1.7 million problem and pathological gamblers in the UK. This figure is predicted to rise to 2.2 million by next year.

One of the reasons for this is that people are finding it relatively easy to wager online. This is in contrast to the pre-Internet days, where gambling would typically have to be done in brick and mortar casinos or through land-based bookmakers. The advent of online gambling has therefore created a whole new market for gambling websites and apps, as well as social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, which are used to advertise these products.

It is widely accepted that gambling can be both a cause and effect of the wider problem of addiction. However, as there are no restrictions on where or how to wager online, this is potentially creating a whole new generation of problem gamblers. In order to combat this, the government is investing in therapeutic gambling websites and apps that allow self-reflection and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as other tools used to treat addiction.

Dog Sports Are Growing

Even those who enjoy gambling should not begrudge the growth in popularity of dog sports. This is because many people, including myself, who love dogs, often have several pairs of disposable income that they are able to spend on their favourite animal-related hobbies. Dog sports are now a viable option for those who want to indulge their passion for animal-related activities, while also taking a flutter on the side.

For those interested in the subject, this 2019 is set to be the year of the dog. The English football club, Tottenham Hotspur, for example, have been renamed ‘Spurs’ following a sponsorship deal with a dog food brand. In addition to this, there are several canine-related sports activities, like dog racing and greyhound racing, which are set to return as Olympic events in 2024.

Trending As A Result Of This Season’s Cricket

‘Cricket Fever’ is set to sweep the nation this year, with fans eagerly awaiting the start of the new season. As we’ve discussed, traditional British culture is closely associated with the game, which is why it is unsurprising that so many people have taken to social media to talk about their excitement regarding the beginning of the new cricket season.

The excitement does not stop with the start of the cricket season, either. With some careful research, it is possible to identify several keywords that predict popular topics for this season. This includes ‘Australia’, the series involving which England are set to play this year. In addition to this, searches for ‘Manchesters’ are tipped to surge this year, as cricket fans in England await the start of the season.

It is clear that the game of cricket will be making the headlines in the coming months due to its associated terminology and traditional British culture. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this will translate into the bookmakers placing more bets on cricket-related odds.