Why Is Ohio Senator Trying to Make Fantasy Betting Illegal?

Fantasy sports betting is a game that was built to fill the void that was left by the closure of the bookmakers. The idea behind the game is to utilize your knowledge of sports and the outcomes of certain games to make money off of the statistics that others have provided. The idea behind the game is to have fun and to make a few extra dollars, but the way in which it is currently being regulated by the government is terrifying.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The problem with fantasy baseball is that there is no set number of official teams. You can be a part of a league with up to thirty-two other baseball enthusiasts, all of whom are making their picks for the coming season, but the only teams that you are permitted to root for are the Chicago Cubs, the Cleveland Indians, and the New York Yankees. The other thirty-one teams are completely make-believe and don’t exist. For a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, there is no option but to root for the rival Chicago Cubs. This is where most fantasy baseball participants run into issues, particularly when it comes to the betting side of the game. The numbers just don’t lie and when you add in the variable nature of fantasy sports, you have a recipe for disaster.

It’s Not Just About The Money

Even if you are not a fan of any of the above-mentioned teams, it’s still not about the money. You are entering into a world of greed and deception when you participate in fantasy sports because the owners of the professional teams have figured out how to make money off of our unhealthy obsession with their players. The problem is that you are giving them an incentive to cheat, to intentionally underperform, and to lie to you. You are buying into a fantasy world that is being carefully designed to make you think that your favorite baseball team is performing well, when they are actually sabotaging your team’s chances of winning to further their own profits.

The owners of the baseball teams have realized that the more successful your fantasy team is, the less likely you are to win money. In other words, the more you bet, the worse you will do. This kind of dynamic creates a situation where people are driven to breaking point and to take more aggressive measures to beat the odds. In March of 2020, Senator Sherrod Brown attempted to pass a bill that would have made it illegal for bookmakers to engage in fantasy sports betting, among other things. The bill was voted down in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. The bookmakers, with some help from the fantasy sports community, killed the bill, but it isn’t dead yet. Senator Brown is trying to bring it back and he is using the same playbook that stopped a similar bill three years earlier. This is why Ohio is ground zero of the American sports betting scene, which still has a long way to go, until sportsbooks are back open and the possibility of legal sports betting becomes a reality.