Why Is South Carolina Not Eligible for Online Horse Betting?

Due to state regulations, South Carolina is not eligible for online horse betting. This means that residents of this state cannot participate in the incredibly popular sports betting market through land-based platforms or apps. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of sports you choose – from American Football to Basketball – to a full-blown horse race, the option is there for South Carolinians to wager on the results.

The legality of online horse betting in South Carolina is still questionable. Last year, the state’s governor signed a bill that would allow for legal online betting, but it is still unclear as to whether the bill goes as far as allowing for sports betting. If you’re from South Carolina and are looking for an online betting experience, you will have to leave the state or risk being in violation of the law.

Does It Even Matter?

While it may not seem like a big deal to be from South Carolina and not be able to engage in online horse betting, it actually is. Thanks to the incredibly popular sports betting market, a lot of people are able to make some decent money online. Many professional sports franchises make a large portion of their revenue through sports betting, and many people enjoy the variety that betting on the internet provides.

If you’re from South Carolina and want to partake in the exciting world of online horse betting, you will have to move to another state where this activity is legal. This is mainly due to the fact that the state’s government does not believe that enough regulation is in place to protect the integrity of sports betting within its borders. The state legislature is still debating whether or not to legalize sports betting (with a vote happening next month), so it’s best to wait and see what happens.

What About The Amateurs?

If you’re not interested in wagering on the horses’ results, but just want to have some fun and maybe make some money, South Carolina actually has you covered. Some of the biggest websites in the sports betting industry allow for recreational (i.e. non-professional) sports betting, and doing so in South Carolina is completely legal. You are also allowed to place bets on the results of amateur competitions like high school and college sporting events. This form of sports betting is widely available and open to all South Carolina residents. The only difference is that you have to be 18 years old to participate.

The Bottom Line

Taking sports betting seriously can be a profitable endeavor, and the variety of sports and leagues that you can bet on is incredible. Being from South Carolina and not being able to partake in this profitable world is certainly not fair to the state’s competitive spirit, especially since it seems as though legalization is imminent. If you’re from South Carolina and want to be able to bet on your favorite sports teams, it is still possible, but you will have to leave the state. Or at least, travel to another state where sports betting is legal.