Why Is the Giants – Bears Betting Line Moving?

The Chicago-New York football rivalry is one of the greatest in American sports. The games are always high-scoring, and the fans are always willing to gamble on the results. These two factors have led to some fantastic betting lines, with plenty of money to be won and lost. The NFL regular season is almost over, and with it, the amazing betting activity that is usually associated with the final games of the year. As we look back on the 2017 NFL regular season and evaluate the success of the top teams, let’s take a look at why the betting line on the Chicago-New York game shifted so much in the final week of the season.

Year In Review: The Underdog Story

Many expected the Giants to repeat as Super Bowl champions this year, but after an opening week loss to the Patriots, they found themselves as underdogs in every single one of their remaining games. They were a massive underdog against the Panthers, who went on to upset them in the season finale. Before that, the Giants were massive underdogs in their matchup with the Patriots, as well as the Eagles and the Packers. It was an incredible story of a team that many thought didn’t deserve to compete for the championship.

Big Blue came out of nowhere to ruin New England’s perfect season, and they did it with a dominant performance that was full of fourth quarter comebacks. The Giants forced six turnovers and scored 26 points off of those miscues. The win over the defending champions was certainly a shocker, but it’s exactly the kind of performance that the Giants were looking for all year long. They were playing hard all season long and never give up, ultimately leading them to an NFC title and a matchup with the Saints in the Super Bowl. The odds-makers were obviously on the same page as well, as they immediately moved the line in Big Blue’s favor after the game.

The 2017 NFL season was one of the most interesting yet unpredictably thrilling years in recent memory, which is saying something considering the unprecedented level of talent that was on display across the league. The Super Bowl was dominated by two classic teams in the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the rest of the season was filled with incredible storylines and close games. One of the most memorable moments came in Minnesota vs. Chicago, where the underdogs held their own against the favorites and won in a shootout.

It would be hard to overstate the effect that this year’s underdogs had on the league. The fact that the Giants were able to shock the football world by winning the Super Bowl is testament to just how exceptional they were this year. The 2017 NFL season was one for the record books, and it’s only right that the betting lines would reflect this fact.

Offering Both Teams Equally

Although the Chicago-New York rivalry is always exciting to bet on, this year’s game was even more meaningful because of the teams’ incredible performances throughout the year. The Bears were expected to struggle this year after losing many of their key players to retirement or injury, but they defied all expectations and went 11-5 as a 2.5-point favorite. The oddsmakers recognized the fact that Chicago was a better team this year and adjusted the odds accordingly.

New York was also extremely talented this year, going 11-5 and finishing third in the conference. The defending champs got off to a poor start with a 3-game losing streak in the middle of the year, but they quickly turned it around and went on a seven-game winning streak. During that stretch, the team averaged just three points a game, which was the main reason why the line didn’t move all that much during the year. With the two teams’ incredible records this year, it was only a matter of time before the betting line shifted in their favor.

The fact that both teams were competitive and exciting to watch makes this year’s Chicago-New York game even more exciting to bet on. There is no question that one of these teams will be underdogs in every single game, and that is probably the best scenario for a game involving two of the best teams in the NFL. Let’s hope that both franchises can continue this successful rivalry in the 2018 NFL season.

Tale Of Two Halves

The 2017 NFL season had the second-highest number of game-tying or go-ahead kicks in history. There were 14 such instances, with the most memorable coming in a critical NFC divisional game between the Bears and the Vikings. Chicago was a 7-point underdogs in that game, and they surprised everyone by coming back from an early 10-point deficit to win 23-20. After the game, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said:

“I’ve never felt more confident in an NFC Championship Game. I’ve got these (Bears) coming back on their heels, and I don’t think they’re ready for the battle that’s coming.”

Minnesota went on to lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion Eagles, but that game perfectly illustrated the exceptional play that both teams showcased this year. The first half of the game was extremely one-sided in favor of the home team, but the second half was incredibly even, which made the game highly unpredictable. Most memorably, the game was tied at 20 with less than 10 minutes left in the third quarter. Minnesota kicker Ryan Longwell nailed a 46-yard field goal with just under five minutes left in regulation, and the score was tied at 20. A few minutes later, Chicago’s Cody Parkey hit a 42-yard field goal as time expired, ensuring that both teams would have something to talk about on Thanksgiving for years to come.

Overall, this year’s NFL season was incredible, and the final week was undoubtedly exciting. The Chicago-New York rivalry is one of the best in all of sports, and it was great to see both teams get a chance to end the season on a high note. The game was heavily favored toward the underdogs this year, and it was only a matter of time before the betting line reflected this fact. The fact that both teams had such incredible seasons makes this year’s matchup even more appealing for bettors.