Why Isn’t There a Betting Line for the Washington Huskies Football Game?

The 2019 NFL season is nearly over, and that means one thing: the excitement for the upcoming NFL Superbowl is almost here!

The big game is almost a month away, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until then to start making your wagers. You can place bets on the NFL season as it is running, and that means you can make smart wagers even when there is no real payoff until the end of the season.

Unfortunately, that means there are some games that you simply cannot enter into unless you are willing to pay a large amount of money for the privilege. One of those games is the Washington Huskies vs. Stanford Cardinal matchup, and as it turns out, the game has no betting line. That’s right – no betting odds for this Washington State football rivalry game. Curious as to why this is? Let’s dive into the stats and see what is really going on here. 

Why No Line?

The Washington Huskies football team will be playing their annual rivalry game against the Stanford Cardinal this Saturday, November 9th. This game has been a heated confrontation between the two schools for years, with the most recent game ending in a 56-20 Cardinal victory.

However, even though this is a rivalry game, it is not necessarily a game that you want to wager on. For one thing, it’s not easy to find the betting lines for the game. More importantly, the rivalry itself often turns out to be a blowout, with the last seven meetings (including this season) seeing the home team win by an average of 29 points.

It’s clear that the game is far from a profitable one for bookmakers, which is why there is no betting line. Even if you were to wager on every game of the rivalry, you would make a small profit, but it would still be unlikely that you would come out ahead in the long run. Still, if you are looking for a way to wager on the game or just want to be able to follow the score more easily, you can always do that – just keep in mind that there will be no official line for this important Washington State rivalry game.

The Game’s History

You may be wondering how a rivalry game between two top-10 teams has no betting line, and that’s because this game has been happening for so long that it is now considered an exhibition game for the most part. It’s true that the last seven meetings between these two schools, including this past season, have all been won by the home team, but that doesn’t mean there is no value in following this game closely. The rivalry itself is a fascinating study in sports psychology and game theory, and there is a lot to learn from following this annual game.

The first meeting between these two schools was back in 1911, and ever since then, the rivalry has mostly been dominated by the home team. In fact, Stanford has only won the last four matchups, with the Huskies most recently winning 24-17 back in 2019. There is a lot of passion surrounding this game, and that means one thing: lots of stats to study! A game like this is a perfect opportunity to test out some new strategies or play styles, and it’s always interesting to see how different booksies react to different scenarios.

The Economics of Following Football Games

The game itself is not the only profitable aspect of following this rivalry. The last seven meetings between these two schools have all been blowouts, and that means you can follow each game closely without suffering any significant losses. That is, as long as you avoid betting on the games where both teams are favored. Why? Because you are almost guaranteed to lose money on those games. The point is that, in theory, you can gain a lot of value by following this game closely. The key is being smart about it.

If you look at the moneyline odds for this weekend’s game, you will notice that both teams are listed as ‘minus-the-juice’, or ‘underdogs’. In theory, that means this game should be a solid gain for bettors. However, when you look more closely at the facts, you will see that both teams are massive underdogs. That’s because, historically, these two teams are extremely difficult to predict. A loss on either side is not unlikely, and that means the moneyline odds are very poor indeed. Still, if you are looking for an easy way to make a profit, you could try betting on underdogs in sports that are widely accepted as having value – like the Big Game or the Superbowl – and then follow up with a few dud bets on the rest of the games during the season. Remember: in most cases, you will lose money on these dud bets, but you will at least avoid massive losses.

Why This Year Is Different

This year is different, and that means there is value in betting on this game, even though it’s likely to end in a rout. That’s because, this season, the home team has only won five of the last seven meetings, with the most recent victory coming in 2019. Still, even at 33-years-old, the series is considered a real toss-up, and there is no clear indication as to which team will win.

As someone who follows the game closely, it’s clear that this season will be very different from previous ones. This is mostly due to the fact that both teams are bringing in new coaches, which means there will be a lot of evolving strategies and new surprises. That is, as long as you remain open-minded, there is always the possibility that this year could finally see the Stanford Cardinal win a game against the Washington Huskies. Stranger things have happened. Still, for the most part, this season will be a very difficult one for bettors, as the underdogs are massive.

Where To Bet

Where should you bet? There are a few options, but you need to keep in mind the differences between the two schools and the game’s historical results before making your decision. Still, if you want to make smart wagers and are looking for an easy way to do so, you could try the following options: