Why Pick Sides Football If Not Betting?

Few sports are as polarizing as American football. From the classic hues of blue and gold to the bitter rivalries between the New York Giants and the New York Jets, it’s hard not to be passionate about a game that’s been around since 1890.

For those who love to place wagers on sporting events, there are alternatives outside of betting. For instance, you can follow the action on Twitter and on various online forums: just search for your favorite team and you’ll get a feed of tweets ranging from news updates to player interviews to match highlights.

What if you find the experience of following a live game on social media to be less than ideal? What if you’d rather sit back and let a computer algorithm do the math for you? Luckily, there are other options! One solution is to follow the play-by-play action on NFL.com and get an in-game pass to view the sport from a different perspective. Additionally, the NFL Network and NFL Europe offer a free preview of the upcoming games: just visit the website or download the app and you’ll get access to hundreds of games for the whole 2019 season!

More Stats, Less Fuss

To those unfamiliar with American football, the sport comes with a steep learning curve. There are so many complexities associated with placing bets on a game that’s already been played. For instance, you’ll need to keep track of a lot of stats across a variety of sportsbooks in order to make smarter wagers.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way! If you’re a fan of advanced stats and you enjoy keeping track of numbers, then you can utilize the stats available on NFL.com. Most notably, the site offers an in-house stats tool that allows you to track numerous stats, such as passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions, for every NFL player. This is especially useful for those who follow the games closely and want to keep track of every detail!

The Beauty Of Technology

With the evolution of technology, sports fans can now get the most out of their experience by using their phones! Back in the day, the only way to see a game was to attend one in person or listen to the radio stream. With platforms like BettingOnFootball.com and FantasyDraft.com, you don’t necessarily have to be at a game to participate!

For instance, FantasyDraft.com is a free app that allows users to create custom lineups for their fantasy football teams. Every week, they’ll send you the option to choose from for your lineup, along with a few others geared towards the popular weekly fantasy football rankings. You can also use the app to keep track of the stats for the players you’re following along with along with your fantasy football team. Additionally, the NFL App is another fantastic resource for those who want to follow the action from the comforts of home. With features like live game streaming, news, schedule, and stats, it’s the ultimate companion for the sports enthusiast. Whether you follow the Eagles, the Browns, or the Patriots, you’ll easily be able to keep up with the games from the get-go!

More Engagement, More Content

There’s also the simple fact that games on social media tend to be more entertaining! For those who love their football, it’s hard to get too engrossed in another sport once the season begins. However, people can and do get engrossed in Twitter conversations about their favorite team and players during an NFL game. The banter between fans and players is often funny and occasionally sheds some light on the game itself!

Additionally, more and more players are engaging with their fans via social media. Whether it’s sharing memorable quotes, retweeting important messages, or just engaging with those who show interest, players are using social media to stay connected to their most passionate fans. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

An Opportunity To Bet On Trends

While it may be more convenient to follow the play-by-play on social media, there’s something unique about watching a game live and being able to react to events as they unfold. Since most sportsbooks operate in real-time, you’ll have the opportunity to place bets on the outcome of a game as soon as it ends!

If you watch football closely you’ll see that lots of teams seem to follow certain trends. For instance, many teams are now lining up in a Shotgun formation. Before the 2018 NFL season began, there were only a handful of teams that even tried it. Now it’s a common sight to see dozens of players rushing the field after every touchdown!

These are just a few examples of trends that could make or break a team this year. Since you’ll have the opportunity to bet on these events, it’s something that everyone should try out! Whether you have a team that you think will benefit from these techniques or you want to take a look at the trends for yourself, you can look forward to seeing more and more people take notice of what you think and bet on it!

It’s Family Affair

Finally, family is one of the most important things in life for many people. Fortunately, the NFL is a family-friendly event! Almost every game this year will be broadcast on a TV network’s flagship station. Additionally, many family-friendly activities and amenities are available at the NFL Experience. Last but not least, the Commissioner has approved a new rule this year that allows players to wear their family crests on the field!

Although the NFL is still widely considered to be a man’s game, it’s great to see more and more women getting involved! The National Anthem singer, Lauren Hill, performed the national anthem for the Dallas Cowboys last year and this year she’ll be back to sing the anthem for the Washington Redskins. The Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, recently said that the anthem will be an important part of his team’s culture this year and he hopes that more non-traditional NFL fans will get involved!

It’s great to see football returning to its roots as a form of entertainment for the masses. Along with Twitter and Facebook, the internet has made it possible for everyone to follow their favorite teams and players more easily than ever before!