Why You Should Bet on the New Jersey Devils in the NHL Playoffs

Devils History

Well, the last time they made it to the NHL playoffs was back in 1995 when they lost to the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Since then, they’ve been knocked out in the first round five times and haven’t gotten much better. In 2003, they fired their head coach and general manager, but it didn’t help. In 2016, they hired one of the most renowned coaches of all time, Pete DeBoer, who helped the Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup in 2006 and 2008. Still, nothing has worked out for the Devils. This year, they might just stand a chance at making it to the playoffs for the first time since 1995. The odds are in their favor with a 75% chance of making the playoffs based on the current Vegas odds.

Key Stats

The main stat to look at is the team’s record. With a 16–13–3 record, the Devils are in the thick of the playoff race with four teams to secure a place in the postseason. Furthermore, they haven’t lost a game in regulation since February 6. During this time, they’ve outscored their opponents 29–20. There’s plenty of reason to be hopeful.

Potential Upset

One of the teams the Devils could possibly upset is the Winnipeg Jets. Currently, with a 17–16–3 record, the Jets are just outside the playoff bubble in fourth place in the conference. They’ve got a relatively easy schedule ahead, so they could slip up at any time. The Jets have never faced off against the Devils in the playoffs, and to make it interesting, they could end up facing off against each other in the conference finals. That’s a spicy round of 16. The only problem is the Jets are a really fun team to bet on because they’ve got a lot of young talent and lots of fans believing in them. So if you’re looking for a team to bet on and don’t want to invest in the Devils, consider the Jets. They could cause an upset and give the Devil’s record a good shot at improvement. Still, that’s a dangerous game to bet on because you never know what could happen.

Wild Card

Speaking of upsets, the New York Islanders could end up causing one as well. Currently, the Islanders have a 18–16–4 record and are in the fifth-to-last spot in the conference. They’ve got some pretty good odds of making the playoffs as well, with an 80% chance according to the current Vegas odds. Similar to the Jets, the Islanders are a really exciting team to follow because they’ve got a lot of young talent and lots of fans believing in them. They might just cause an upset and give the Devil’s record a good shot at the top four. However, that depends on a lot more than luck. You’ll have to watch the Islanders closely to see if this is the year they finally break through.

Which Team To Back?

It’s pretty easy to pick out the teams the Devils should avoid like the plague. The Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, and Tampa Bay Lightning are all clear cut choices. The Avalanche have the worst record in the NHL with only 12 points, and the Rangers and Lightning each have 15. The Devils don’t stand a chance in the postseason against these three teams. It’s not even worth considering betting on them. The same goes for the Winnipeg Jets.

On the other hand, the Oilers, Buffalo Sabres, and Calgary Flames are all relatively easy choices to back. The Oilers currently have a 16–16–4 record, which puts them in sixth place in the conference, and the other two have 19–17–4 records, putting them in the seventh and eighth spots respectively. Even though these teams aren’t considered to be contenders in the near future, the Devils could end up playing them in the first round of the playoffs. The game will most likely be close, and depending on the result, it could go either way. Still, the Devils are probably not the safest choice for betting. The smart money is still on the rested and healthy teams.

Resting Vs Active

The difference between the two is pretty important. When a team plays on a week-to-week basis, they’re considered active. However, if they sit out a majority of the games, they’re considered resting. The Devils have played the same amount of games as most other teams (299), so they’re considered active. However, they’ve also played the fewest amount of games of any team in the NHL (236). For that reason, they’re considered the least likely to make the playoffs based on current Vegas odds (7/1). Nevertheless, just because they’re on the outside does not mean they can’t bounce back. The Devils still have a chance if all the other teams start falling apart.

On the other hand, the Minnesota Wild and Toronto Maple Leafs are both on a five-game winning streak and have a favorable schedule ahead. While the New York Islanders have an easy matchup with the Devils in Week 17, the same can’t be said for the rest of the schedule. So while it’s unlikely the Devils will make the playoffs, they still have a chance if all the other teams start falling apart. For that reason, those are the teams to consider backing as long as you’re willing to risk it. Just remember: winning streak or not, momentum is no match for experience, especially in the playoffs. Experience wins in the end.

To help you make the right choice, here’s a quick comparison of the Devils’ key stats to those of the other teams in the league:


Winnipeg Jets: 16–13–3

New York Islanders: 18–16–4

Colorado Avalanche: 12–14–6

Tampa Bay Lightning: 15–17–4

Calgary Flames: 16–15–4

Buffalo Sabres: 17–16–4

Toronto Maple Leafs: 20–17–4

Minnesota Wild: 19–16–4


Vegas ODDS:

Winnipeg Jets: 5/1

New York Islanders: 8/1

Colorado Avalanche: 11/1

Tampa Bay Lightning: 12/1

Calgary Flames: 13/1

Buffalo Sabres: 15/1

Toronto Maple Leafs: 17/1

Minnesota Wild: 20/1

Devils: 4/7